We know that safety is an essential thing in transporting, this is why we have implemented multiple measures to protect you:

  • Account validation is required

    Because we want to avoid cases in which someone registers with the data of an unrelated company, we oblige all registered companies to confirm their identity, offering multiple Validation options. Following validation, a Cargopedia operator will manually check the account and the documents provided and, if everything is OK, will activate the account.
  • All registered users are required to confirm their email address and phone number

    Per la sicurezza dell'utente e degli altri membri di Cargopedia, chiediamo la conferma dei dettagli di contatto (e-mail e telefono) - al momento della registrazione o al momento della modifica.
  • We block bad payers and problematic companies

    Bad payers or carriers with criminal history are not welcome on Cargopedia!

    Companies that collect multiple (or significant value) payment incidents are blocked from the platform. Through our advanced security systems, we automatically detect if a blocked company re-registers on the platform. In this case, we also block the account of the newly registered company.

  • We block over 1000 companies suspended on other platforms

    We have a proactive attitude towards companies blocked on other platforms. For your protection, we currently block access to more than 1,000 companies suspended for multiple payment incidents or fraud on other similar sites. Thus, we want to ensure as much as possible that you will not encounter on Cargopedia bad payers or unreliable companies from other platforms.
  • Impartiality and professionalism. No favoritism!

    Unlike other platforms, Cargopedia is a totally impartial freight exchanges, which puts fairness and professional ethics on the forefront. Thus, from the point of view of Cargopedia, each case of conflict (payment and transport incidents or other situations) will be analyzed in the light of the documents and facts made available by the parties involved. Cargopedia will never favor one company over another and will always seek the correct solution of the situations that have arisen.
  • Physical persons can publish only goods for personal use, of small tonnage

    To prevent cases where malicious/banned companies publish loads as individuals, physical persons can only publish ads for freight that is strictly for personal use, up to 7 tons (furniture, personal belongings, automobiles, agricultural equipment etc.).